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Do you have documents that need translation? You’re in the right place! We can help you translate, certify and notarize all your documents from English to 35+ languages, vice versa. Additionally, we can rush your translation if you are in a hurry! Just be sure to let us know in the notes below!

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    Just drag and drop your file(s) into the space above, give us some information on how to contact you and your source and desired target language. You can use the notes & additional info section to give us information such as English spelling of persons or cities names for translation.

    We will contact you with a quote shortly after submission. That’s it!

    Questions? Ask Rocco on the left or contact us anytime by:
    Phone: (818)666-8853 OR (215)666-6720
    Email: [email protected]

    Our Process


    What is our translation process?

    In order to insure quality, timeliness and efficiency in our translations, we have put together an internal process that we follow whenever we receive content for translation.

    The first step is receiving the document that requires translation; we analyze the document and communicate to the client details including the timeline and word/page count.

    After finishing the analysis, the document is then assigned to a translator or a team of translators to begin the translation process. In this step, assigning the documents will depend on the source/target language(s), specialty and industry. For example, a legal translation will be assigned to a translator with a legal background and expertise. Were a medical translation on the other hand would be assigned to our specialized translators.

    The third step in the process is proofreading. Proofreading is done by a different team of translators that conduct quality checks on the translated documents. In this step, proofreaders will confirm and attest to the quality of the translation and adjust the text if needed.

    As a full-service translation agency, we certify and notarize the translated documents if requested by the client. For specialized requests, such as translating documents for USCIS, courts and other official entities, translated documents usually require both certification and notarization.

    The last step is delivery. After finalizing the documents, you will receive a copy via email or regular mail if requested. We also have overnight and next-day shipping depending on the location of the delivery.

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