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One of the languages we service here at United Language Services is Chinese – Cantonese. As a leading language services provider, we have experienced certified Chinese – Cantonese translators that specialize in various fields and industries of translation. With that said, we are able to provide medical, legal, financial and general translations with quality guaranteed.

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    What Do We Translate

    USCIS Certified Document Translation

    Technical Translation

    Chinese – Cantonese Translation Questions Answered

    What type of Chinese – Cantonese documents do you translate?

    We translate all types of documents and scripts from English to Chinese – Cantonese vice versa. This includes all official documents that require certification and notarization. Here are some examples:

    • Birth Certificate Translation
    • Marriage Certificate Translation
    • Divorce Certificate Translation
    • Diploma Translation
    • Bank Statement Translation

    Do you have documents that you would like us to take a look at? Drop them here and we’ll answer all your questions!

    Do you offer certified Chinese – Cantonese translation?

    Yes we do, learn more about our process here.

    Do you offer Notarized Chinese – Cantonese translation?

    Yes we do by request.

    How long does it take you to translate a Chinese – Cantonese document to English vice versa?

    As a full-service translation agency, we understand that clients are sometimes bound by a timeline. Therefore we offer regular and rush services in order to cater to everyone.

    To answer the question, it depends on the amount of documents you need to translate. We can deliver your certified translated documents within 2 business days for up to 10 pages.

    Do you have more than 10 Chinese – Cantonese to translate? We got you! Let us know and we will analyze your documents and provide you with an estimated timeline.

    Chinese – Cantonese: How We Do it

    Even though our translators are all certified professionals, we do leverage technology to aid in the translation process and deliver a better more efficient product. In other words, we use tools, such as translation memory, to assure consistency and quality for every document produced. That means that you can rest assured that your certified translations are not only of the highest quality, but are also delivered on time.

    Learn more about our translation process here.


    Chinese – Cantonese: The ULS Difference

    When it comes to choosing a translation services company, you have to look at multiple factors such as translation method. Here at ULS, we only do human translation. That means every document you send will be analyzed and translated by a person, rather than a machine.  Your translated documents are guaranteed to have the highest quality possible. Our specialty is providing certified document translation services, guaranteed!

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