Who we are

United Language Services brings you the best in professional interpretation and translation services. Our elite team of linguists from around the globe provide linguistic services in the world’s most commonly-spoken languages. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. For this reason, not only do we provide top quality and rapid delivery for our products and services, but all our work is guaranteed. From certified immigration and medical interpretation to court dates, web applications to certified legal documents, general certified translation and more! ULS is your one-stop shop for all your translation needs. We are here to help.

What we do


We translate business documents for the financial sector as well as certified legal documents translation, certification and notarization. We cater to the legal, medical, technical, financial and general sectors certified translation needs for 35+ languages


Professional Interpretation and Translation Services, in-person consecutive or simultaneous translation services by certified professionals for the legal and financial industries alongside Certified Immigration and Medical Interpretation for 30+ languages


For all of our services, we make sure to adjust the output to match the linguistic and cultural target locale

Over-the-Phone (OTP)

Live over-the-phone certified legal, medical and general interpreters available


Multi-lingual transcription for audio and video files for 30+ languages!

Multilingual Website

Website and app translation and localization services so that you can reach your audience in their native language!

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