What We Do

Here at United Language Services, we aim to provide you with solutions to all your linguistic needs. With an arsenal of hundreds of global translators and professional linguists, and a quality assurance team that always seeks perfection, we can take care of all your translation, interpretation, localization, transcription and overall linguistic needs. Our wide array of certified professional translators and interpreters have mastered their respective languages. We translate all kinds of documents, regardless of industry. We can also take on any interpretation jobs you might have, whether in person or over-the-phone. Finally, when you are aiming to take your business to the global stage, our localization experts will ensure you have a fluid experience and a masterful final result.


From birth certificates and passports to business documents and instruction manuals, translation is a core part of globalization—a connected world must successfully communicate ideas through writing, and our translation services do just that. United Language Services provides high-quality certified legal, medical, technical, financial and general translation services from English to 30+ languages and vice versa so that, regardless of your needs, we will be able to assist you.

Translation Services
Interpretation Services


Spoken word is the oldest and most refined form of communication. Interpretation, however, is more than just spoken word; it is the communication of thoughts and ideas with proper regards to context, tone, and culture. Our interpreters at United Language Services are certified professionals with the expertise to guarantee satisfaction and proper communication. We provide in-person, consecutive, or simultaneous interpretation services for the legal, medical, and financial industries for more than 30 languages.


In a world with so many languages, it is more important than ever to be able to deliver your message to the larger worldwide marketplace. A successful international business is one that can properly serve all locales in which the product or service is offered.  United Language Services provides accurate and timely professional localization while accurately adjusting the output to match the linguistic and cultural aspects of the target locale.

Localization Services


Converting audio to a written form is all about accessibility. Transcriptions help provide an alternative way for a listener or viewer to interact with content. This is especially useful for those with hearing impairments or whose native tongue is different from the one in a given piece of content. From movies and TV shows to training material, as well as everything in between, you can trust our expert transcribers and translators to meet your transcribing needs efficiently and at a competitive price. We offer our multilingual transcription services in over 30 languages!

Transcription Services
Over The Phone Interpretation Services

Over-the-Phone (OTP)

One might often need to have a phone call with a doctor or lawyer from the convenience of one’s home. In such cases, it might be inconvenient or unrealistic to bring a live interpreter to ensure proper communication. Our professional over-the-phone interpreters are ready to assist you through live over-the-phone certified legal, medical, and general interpretation. With a focus on professionalism and accuracy, you can rest assured of the quality of the interpretation.

Multilingual Website

The internet is a major aspect of an expanding majority of the world population and a leading front for business. As one of the most effective ways of reaching customers, the internet provides an opportunity for business to expand to new audiences; audiences who might speak different languages. Our website and app translation and localization services provide you with the power to reach those customers in their native tongue. With our attention to detail, our quality assurance team, and our certified professionals, we will translate your website into the languages of your choice in a timely manner and with superior quality.

Website Multilingualization Services

Languages Serviced

With our large variety of languages serviced, and more languages being added consistently, we strive to ensure your satisfaction.
American Sign Language (ASL) Chinese Other Gujarati Italian Polish Thai
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